Our Cadet Engineer Program

The SCIC Cadet Engineer Program is a world-class training opportunity to equip you with the skills and qualifications you need to be a successful engineer.

Education and Training

The SCIC Cadet Engineer Program prepares you for a technically-oriented engineering career. Your focus will be Operations, QS/Contracts, Planning, Tendering/Costing, Plant & Equipment, Quality Control, Environmental, and Health & Safety.

The training is a broad-spectrum – Engineering and Operations – targeting specialist jobs in construction and engineering. During the program, cadets will be exposed to different areas such as project management; civil, structural, mechanical and electrical design. These skills are highly sought after in the industry and a fully-trained engineer can look forward to a successful career wherever they choose.

After our 9-month program, the prospects for your future are bright. As with all entry-level jobs at Sta. Clara International, you will be trained in the Sta. Clara core values, our culture and in leadership, and be offered a motivating atmosphere for your own professional development and personal growth.


Who we are looking for

We are looking for motivated, hard-working and enthusiastic young people, ready and willing to be assigned to our project sites.


What we offer

The Sta. Clara Cadet Engineering Program prepares you for the wide-ranging and challenging responsibilities of an Engineer. As a qualified Engineer, you will be responsible for the safe, efficient, timely progress of our construction projects. You will also be immersed to the different administrative departments and operations of our company.

Through our holistic training program, we ensure that every cadet will grasp the fundamental knowledge in project management; civil, structural, mechanical and electrical design.

Interested to join the program? Fill in our online application form or send us your resume at careers@staclara.com.ph.

• Graduate of Civil/Electrical/Mechanical Engineering/Mining
• Licensed Engineer
• Not more than 25 years old
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