30 March 2017

Sta. Clara International Conducted an Earthquake & Fire Evacuation Drill

Mandaluyong City, March 30, 2017 - In line with the SCIC Safety Culture program, Sta. Clara International Corporation (SCIC) and its affiliates conducted an Earthquake & Fire Evacuation Drill - a day before the National Earthquake Drill day.

The purpose of the drill was to provide tactical experience and sufficient knowledge for its employees as well as to train them to calmly handle emergencies, especially earthquakes and fires.

Neil Babaran, Chairman of SCIC Emergency Response Team, said that the management wants to prepare all employees for the "Big One", a high magnitude earthquake to be generated by the West Valley Fault, which is ripe for movement.

The emergency response team evacuated all SCIC employees using megaphones to the designated assembly point located at the building parking lot. Managers for every department performed a head count to make sure all employees were safe and accounted for.

During the drill, SCIC Emergency Response Team implemented various scenarios that simulated the effect of a 5.2-earthquake. Together with the Barangay Wack-Wack firemen, the team conducted a Search and Rescue operation, a Fire Response drill and a First Aid drill. The Drill was considered a success by the management as it showed that SCIC is prepared to handle the "Big One."

About Sta. Clara International Corporation (SCIC)
Founded in 1976, STA. CLARA INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION is one of the leading full-service engineering, construction, development and management enterprise in the Philippines, with overseas operations, serving the Power and Utilities, Infrastructure and Civil Engineering sectors. The group's reputation and success have been achieved because of its strong technological orientation and advanced skills in Project Management for the implementation of complex projects. SCIC offers market research; feasibility studies; design and engineering; site management; works execution; startup & commissioning; operation and maintenance; and customer personnel training.