9 Feb 2017

Sta. Clara Power Corporation's Commitment to Renewable Energy

On February 9, 2017, Sta. Clara Power Corporation (SCPC) successfully concluded their 3-day strategic planning session and is excited to announce its commitment in pursuing more renewable energy projects, especially hydroelectric power plants (HEPP) in the Philippines.

"Hydropower is a clean and renewable source of energy. A hydropower station converts kinetic energy of flowing water into electrical energy. The hydro energy is non-polluting as it does not release pollutants to the environment. Moreover, use of hydro energy, also avoids Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission to the environment, making it a climate-friendly source of energy" Ravi Sahu, SCPC’s chief hydrologist, explained.

The Director of SCPC, Fernando Delgado, pointed out during the discussions that SCPC’s direction in 2017 is to continue developing its hydropower portfolio. An addition to the company’s operating assets is also expected to start operating at Mindoro this year. Finally, Mr. Delgado highlighted that SCPC will proceed with the planned expansion of the 1.2 MW Loboc mini-hydro power plant located in Bohol to 2.4 MW.

About Sta. Clara International Corporation (SCIC)
Founded in 1976, STA. CLARA INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION is one of the leading full-service engineering, construction, development and management enterprise in the Philippines, with overseas operations, serving the Power and Utilities, Infrastructure and Civil Engineering sectors. The group's reputation and success have been achieved because of its strong technological orientation and advanced skills in Project Management for the implementation of complex projects. SCIC offers market research; feasibility studies; design and engineering; site management; works execution; startup and commissioning; operation and maintenance; and customer personnel training.