12 April 2016

Sta. Clara International and OTV Consortium to build a Water Supply & Treatment Facility for Rizal Province

Quezon City, Philippines - Manila Water Company Inc., which provides water and used water-services to more than six million people in the East Zone of Metro Manila, entered into contract with the Consortium of Sta. Clara International Corporation and OTV (SC-OTV) for the Rizal Province Water Supply Improvement Project Package 1.

The project involves the Design and Build for raw water intake structures, effluent pipes, pump station and a water treatment plant with a waste treatment & disposal facility, treated water reservoir and process building structures for 50 MLD. The project is expected to be completed by August 2017. On completion, the project will considerably increase the amount of water available for Rizal Province, and lay the ground for enhancing water access and equitable distribution of services in the unserved areas of the province.

About Sta. Clara International Corporation (SCIC)
Founded in 1976, STA. CLARA INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION is one of the leading full-service engineering, construction, development and management enterprise in the Philippines, with overseas operations, serving the Power and Utilities, Infrastructure and Civil Engineering sectors. The group's reputation and success have been achieved because of its strong technological orientation and advanced skills in Project Management for the implementation of complex projects. SCIC offers market research; feasibility studies; design and engineering; site management; works execution; startup & commissioning; operation and maintenance; and customer personnel training.