Two (2) Microtunnel Boring Machine: Newest Addition to Sta. Clara International's Equipment

Mandaluyong, Philippines - As Sta. Clara International Corporation continues to grow its operations and sustain its expertise in construction industry, two (2) Microtunnel Boring Machines (MTBM), Model DH-RCM by Ardeo Solutions, were recently acquired by its Plants & Equipment Division for laying water pipes, electrical or gas pipes, and communication network lines.

Microtunneling is a process of accurately excavating non man entry tunnels using laser guided and computer controlled mini shields of diameter as small as 250 millimeter. The shield tunneling system permits accurate monitoring and adjusting the alignment and level (either manually or automatically) as the work proceeds. Microtunneling can be performed in variety of complex ground conditions and at depths well beyond the conventional sewer. The technology permits installation of deep sewers at relatively less costs and hence the design and construction of a project may become cost effective and economical in the future.

The newly acquired equipment is applicable to a variety of soil property ranging from rock or boulder layers to normal soil. This technology is capable of causing more tranquility and convenience to the public due to less surface work. Also, the drive system installed on the periphery of the machine, generates high torque. With the attached high-power cone crusher in a chamber, it is adaptable to large boulder layers as large as 2/3 of the nominal diameter to 200 MPa rock layer.

About Sta. Clara International Corporation (SCIC)
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